About Us

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to the research and development of new specialty foam technologies for the comfort industry.

Peterson Chemical Technology, LLC.

Peterson Chemical Technology (PCT) is a manufacturing company specializing in foam additives, specialty polyols, systems, and applications development for specialty bedding foam. PCT has been providing innovative technology in the comfort industry for over a decade and is the inventor of open-cell viscoelastic foam and gel-infused foam technologies, as well as a wide range of polyols, additives, and specialty products designed to accommodate the diverse possibilities of specialty foam. PCT is your most innovative and reliable source of leading-edge memory foam technology. 

Our History

PCT was founded in 2002 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, by Bruce Peterson in order to address the heat, odor, and durability issues of the original memory foam.

Today, PCT is a unique, global technology company that continues to revolutionize the specialty foam industry. In partnership with Elite Comfort Solutions and Leggett & Platt, we deliver the promise of better sleep to millions of customers every day. Explore our milestones and see how it all began. 


PCT was founded to focus on the deficiencies of memory foam and optimize its properties for the foam bedding market.


PCT developed a novel polymer design for open-cell visco foam:

  • CoolFlow®
  • Energex™

The unique chemistry improved all areas of consumer complaints. 


Several major bedding companies adopted CoolFlow® technology and deployed it nationwide in OEM bedding and retail topper lines.


PCT invented and patented the original gel-infused viscoelastic foam, ThermaGel®.


We expanded our ThermaGel® line to include phase-change ThermaGel® and Conductive Gel Technologies. 


PCT invented CoolTouch™, the first breathable gel surface coating for slab foam, molded foam, and fiber. During this time, we also patented conductive metals in polyurethane foam.


We developed a new polyol technology with a wider property range for visco and resilient specialty foams – OmniTemp™. The unique chemistry provides consistent comfort in all seasons.


Our teams developed molded systems based on Energex™ and OmniTemp™ technologies, filed a patent for rapid-cure mold release, and deployed bed-in-the-box foam technology.


PCT developed and promoted OmniFlex™ technology for low-density, durable transition layers and bed-in-the-box applications.

PCT also began its partnership with Elite Comfort Solutions, a manufacturer of foam products.


We invented AquaCool™ water-based surface coatings with phase-change material and conductive solids for foam and textiles. We also invented a clean FR surface coating for foam and latex and developed our Taffy™ slow-recovery technology.


PCT filed a patent for fibers in foam, including our Carbon Fiber™ technology.


Peterson Chemical Technology and Elite Comfort Solutions began our partnership with Leggett & Platt to continue developing revolutionary foam products.