Conductive Additives

PCT offers a selection of hyper-conductive additives for in-situ foam infusion. These materials radically enhance excess heat dissipation while maintaining the durability and support properties inherent to all Peterson foam types.

Spotlight: Copper

Our patented Copper technology is an exciting product line for comfort foams designed to harness the hyper-conductive and antimicrobial benefits of this naturally occurring element. Copper facilitates protection against viruses and bacterial growth and canto help maintain freshness in foam products. Additionally, copper is highly conductive and enhances heat transfer, allowing excess body heat to dissipate quickly. Copper is available in different forms for infusion into the foam as well as in AquaCool™ surface-infusion coatings. Depending on your application, we offer customized solutions built around the Copper product line to help maximize the performance of your comfort products.

  • Naturally protects against microbe growth to maintain product freshness
  • Enhances thermal conductivity of the foam
  • Particles come together under compression, forming heat-flow pathways
  • Aids in the recharge of phase-change material in AquaCool for long-lasting thermal comfort 

Learn more about the science behind all our conductive additives.

Compression Conductivity

When added to foam, our conductive additives can form pathways for heat movement when compressed. Compression brings conductive particles together, helping them dissipate excess heat under the body to provide a cooler sleep surface.

Polymer Conductivity

Peterson offers a variety of conductive additives to help heat transfer heat in foam. Some of these additives integrate into the foam polymer structure, improving the overall thermal conductivity of foam. We aim to thoroughly understand the performance needs of our customers to help recommend the optimal product for their application.