Particle Gel

PCT is the original inventor of gel-infused specialty foam (ThermaGel®), which has since overtaken the bedding and comfort market. We develop gel technologies that adapt to individual needs while supporting and cushioning the body. Our particle gels absorb excess body heat for a cooler sleep surface, provide enhanced support in deep compression areas, and optimize pressure-response characteristics of specialty foam.

Our Particle Gels

Since the invention of ThermaGel®, PCT has continued creating innovative particle gels that combine the form-fittingsmart support of gel with the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam. When added to foam, gels offer many unique properties such as:

  • High heat capacity that absorbsto absorb excess body heat
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Unique variable support characteristics
  • Clean and odorless nature   
  • Added pressure response at deep compression zones

We have expanded our family of gel products to include gels enhanced with thermally conductive materials, gels infused with phase-change material (PCM), and unique performance combinations of these products.

Learn more about the science behind all our particle gels.

Coated Gel Technologies

Many of our particle gel products are coated with hyper-conductive technologies such as copper, ceramic, aluminum, and titanium, allowing for compression conductivity. These products ensure foam more effectively transfers heat as it gets compressed, creating pathways for excess body heat to escape during sleep.

ThermaPhase Gel

Our patented ThermaPhase particle gels are infused with a high level of phase-change material. This helps dramatically increase heat capacity and improve thermoregulation by absorbing or liberating excess heat as needed to maintain the optimal sleep microclimate. When combined with hyper-conductive coatings, these gel products can transfer stored heat away from the sleeper, recharging the phase-change material and allowing for continuous thermoregulation.