Surface Infusion

Our technologies aren’t just on the inside – we’ve developed solutions that go on top, too. Our surface-infusion technologies are designed to concentrate the cooling power of our additives to the outer surfaces of materials such as foam, fiber, and textiles, creating a breathable infusion of extremely cool gel. With the long-lasting cooling effect and enhanced excellent adhesion and durability, our surface infusion products can be used alone or combined with conductive additives in the foam to provide superior comfort products.

Spotlight: AquaCool™

AquaCool™ is a clean, water-based surface-infusion coating with an exceedingly high content of phase-change material. It is a breathable post-treatment that can be applied to molded or slab foam and, fabrics, fiber, and other surfaces to provide a durable, long-lasting cooling effect. We also offer AquaCool enhanced with thermally conductive additives to act as a super-conductive highway for heat flow that doesn’t simply cool – it helps maintain the ideal temperature for sleep comfort throughout the night.

  • Breathable layer of extremely cool and flexible coating for a powerful cooling effect
  • Maintains foam airflow and moisture transmission
  • Greatly enhances cooling without adding excessive weight to the foam
  • Concentrates cooling technologies at the surface for lateral heat transfer
  • Can augment with additives for increased thermal conductivity to help regenerate phase-change material for long-lasting cooling effect
  • Available on all types of comfort foams and molded pillows 

Learn more about the science behind all our surface infusions.

Phase-Change Material

Peterson Chemical Technology uses high levels of phase-change material to enhance the heat capacity of comfort products. Acting as wells for heat, PCM absorbs and releases heat to maintain ideal sleep temperatures – keeping customers cool and comfortable throughout the night.


We offer a wide range of AquaCool products that combine the cooling power of PCM with the heat transfer properties of our hyper-conductive additives. We aim to optimize the performance of our surface infusion products to provide through-the-night cooling comfort to keep your customers rested and happy.